ExxonMobil Helps PVC Film Manufacturing Company Saves $133,000

A leading PVC film manufacturing company saved more than $133,000 annually by switching to ExxonMobil’s gear and bearing oil, Mobil SHC 636.

  • ExxonMobil Helps PVC Film Manufacturing Company Saves $133,000
    ExxonMobil Helps PVC Film Manufacturing Company Saves $133,000

The introduction of the advanced lubricant in its PVC film calender machine helped to reduce component wear and quadruple oil drain intervals.

The manufacturer, based in Xiongxian, North China, was suffering from increased downtime, due to frequent oil changes and bearing replacements.

An ExxonMobil field engineer conducted an on-site investigation. The cause was determined to be the operating temperature of the calender roll bearing, which exceeded 100°C, resulting in quick oil oxidation and bearing failure.

After switching to Mobil SHC 636, a lubricant renowned for excellent high temperature oxidation stability and anti-wear capability, the operator experienced reduced maintenance and increased uptime.

The switch also reduced employee interaction with the application, diminishing potential risk of injury.

"Every detail in a plant's operation must be optimised," said Rainer Lange, Mobil SHC Brand Advisor - EAME at ExxonMobil. "Our field engineers give customers a personalised service that can increase overall plant performance. In this case, the introduction of the right lubricant resulted in more uptime and annual savings of more than $133,000."

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