Fast Set-up of Robotic Processes

Easy to use configuration for non-experts

  • Fast Set-up of Robotic Processes
    Fast Set-up of Robotic Processes

Profactor presents XRob - an assistance robot for screwing and inspection tasks, which can be configured in few minutes. Teaching the robot about handling, screwing or inspection tasks are carried out on a single system. The XRob allows the creation of complex robot applications within a few minutes. With unique and easy-to-use features significant speed up will be accomplished during ramp up. This makes the operation more efficient and flexible than common programming methods. 

Cost effective configuration for small enterprises

The novel software architecture allows easy and intuitive creation of processes and configuration of the components of a robot system by only one single user interface. With XRob users with minimal training experiences are able to create robotic processes in a new and effective way. The system is designed to be cost effective also for small companies. For the configuration no programming skills are required. The system can be integrated into existing environments and processes easily and supports all popular robot brands.