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Filter Cap
Filter Cap

Sensirion's SF2 filter cap for small digital humidity sensors is made of PBT, has an integrated filter membrane and protects the humidity and temperature sensors from water, dust, dirt and contaminants. This filter cap is designed to keep response time low and to filter 99.99% of all particles >0.1µm. As a result the DFN sensors of the SHT2x series can continue to guarantee excellent long-term stability and performance, even in het harshest environments. The filter cap is fixed by plugging the four pins into the corresponding holes in the PCB. It can be glued if additional adhesion is required. Furthermore it can serve as an adaptor for mounting the humidity sensor directly into the wall of the housing. Protection according to IP67 can be achieved by using a sealing ring as waterproof mounting solution.

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Posted on October 22, 2010 - (2581 views)
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Sensirion is a leading manufacturer of high-performance humidity sensors and flow sensor solutions. The product range includes humidity & temperature sensors, gas and liquid flow sensors, mass flow controllers, and differential pressure sensors.

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