Float Switch

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Wika's GLS 1000 has an accuracy of ≤1 mm and a temperature output with Pt100/Pt1000 resistance


Float Switch
Float Switch

GLS 1000 is a float switch with PNP or NPN switching output signals presented by Wika. GLS 1000 is suitable for a multitude of media such oil, water, diesel and refrigerants. A permanent magnet built into the float, through its magnetic field, activates the semiconductor sensors built into the guide tube. The switching operation is contact-free and free from wear. Since no mechanical switching process is triggered, the sensor offers an unlimited number of switching cycles.

Accuracy of ≤ 1 mm and a temperature output with Pt100/Pt1000 resistance

If the user requires, up to four switch points can be specified with a minimum distance of just 2.5 millimetres between each, which means even the smallest of level changes can trigger a switching pulse. It has an accuracy of ≤ 1 mm allows reliable level monitoring. GLS 1000 features a temperature output with Pt100/Pt1000 resistance for monitoring the temperature of liquids. As it is similar in shape and structure to its conventional counterparts, GLS 1000 digital float switch can be used as a replacement for classic PNP/NPN limit level switches, even though it uses electronic switching principles.


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