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New Industrial Products

Force Transducers

up to 3,300 kN

Posted on August 18, 2011 - ( views)

by Teoman Tugsuz

Safety and the conformance with the appropriate standards are crucial in lifting applications. Heavy goods, which are moved by cranes or other lifting equipment, are always a potential threat to staff. Therefore equipment like steel cables or slings has to be tested to ensure that they meet the requirements of the standards. During the tests, huge forces are applied in special testing machinery. The F2226 tension/compression force transducers from tecsis are suited for these kinds of test bench applications. They are available with nominal forces from 10 up to 3,300 kN. Due to the huge nominal force, the transducer can be integrated directly into the line of force. The load is applied via two threaded pins, which are located on each side of the cylindrical body. The robust transducer, which has a stainless steel housing and fulfils IP67, can be used in extremely harsh industrial environments. The total accuracy is 0.15 % or 0.2 % of full scale depending on the nominal force. The force transducer can be used in the above mentioned test bench applications for lifting equipment as well as in special machinery, production lines, and other measurement and monitoring facilities.

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