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Format Adjustment
Format Adjustment

With the most recent launch of the DriveLine AG05 actuator Siko now offers three mechanically compatible solutions with different degrees of automation for format adjustment in machine construction. Depending on the machine concept, frequency of adjustment and process security, precise-fit products are available for manual, monitored or fully-automated shaft positioning. The digital-mechanical position displays DA04 and DA09S are predestined for basic machines with manual adjustment. A target value is transferred from a control to the display for monitored manual adjustment with the electronic position display AP04. An actual-target comparison with optical status display supports the machine operator with format adjustments. At the same time feedback for the target value and a correctly positioned shaft is sent to the control. The use of the field bus compact actuator drives for automatic adjustment is worthwhile even for only a few format adjustments per day. Minimizing the adjustment time optimizes the process and enhances productivity. It can be integrated in a wide range of different field bus or Ethernet systems. The position displays and the actuator are mechanically compatible and can therefore be combined and are mechanically interchangeable. The machine manufacturer can thus individually adapt the degree of automation of the machine to customer requirements.

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