Four-channel Laser Diode Driver Ics

Designed for head-up display and pico projector applications

  • Laser Diode Driver ICs RN5C750 & RN5C752 from Ricoh
    Laser Diode Driver ICs RN5C750 & RN5C752 from Ricoh

The RN5C750 and RN5C752 developed by Ricoh are four-channel laser drivers that have been developed for use in RGB or RGGB laser scanning type screens. They provide a full HD resolution (1080p) and 60 fps image thanks to a fast laser diode output of 200 megapixel / sec and a high output current of up to 800 mA (LD1) and 400 mA (LD2-4).

By using four additional photodiode sensors connected to the IC, it is possible to automatically detect the threshold current (Ith) and colour current (Icolor) regardless of temperature fluctuations.

The laser diode outputs can tolerate voltages up to 10 V to make it possible to use laser diodes with a high forward voltage. Moreover, power control for the laser diodes is performed by automatically adjusting the power source to save power and minimize heat dissipation. They contain various protection circuits such as laser diode overcurrent and short detection, thermal shutdown and photodiode overcurrent detection. 

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