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Provides advanced monitoring for dangerous leaks in inclement weather

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    Gas Detection Solutions

Honeywell has announced the release of two new Bluetooth®*-connected gas detectors that can deliver continuous monitoring for dangerous gases even in fog, rain, snow and other inclement weather, helping facilities keep their oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical and other workers and industrial sites safe.

The new Honeywell Searchline Excel™ Plus and Searchline Excel™ Edge are the next generation of open path gas detectors that use advanced optics and high-powered infrared technology, allowing the devices to stay online in weather conditions with worse visibility and at longer distances than before. The new gas detectors also feature Bluetooth connectivity that allow quicker and easier device maintenance and calibration for plant personnel.

Protecting worksites and workers as the No. 1 priority for any business

"Protecting worksites and workers is the No. 1 priority for any business," said Jason Winburn, senior product manager, Honeywell Gas Analysis and Safety. "Honeywell's Searchline Excel Plus and Searchline Excel Edge can continuously monitor for leaks even in poor weather, giving plant operators peace of mind knowing that their gas detection system can withstand various outdoor conditions."

Many traditional open path, fixed gas detectors and monitors can be vulnerable to weather conditions such as fog, rain, snow and mist. In these instances, open path detector signals can be blocked, bringing devices offline and unable to monitor for harmful flammable hydrocarbon gases. With Honeywell's advanced optics and Near Band Infrared absorption technology built into the Searchline devices, they have the ability penetrate through thick fog with minimal visibility.

Open path gas detectors play an important role in a facility's fixed gas detection system

Additionally, both the Searchline Excel Plus and Edge feature Bluetooth connectivity. These gas detectors can be paired with the Honeywell Fixed Platform App, offering simplified maintenance and testing procedures, which in turn means more efficient and safer performance checks. For example, because workers can use their mobile devices from up to 20 meters away, or approximately 60 feet, to conduct maintenance checks, they do not need to regularly climb on high ladders and risk falling to check devices located high off the ground.

Open path gas detectors play an important role in a facility's fixed gas detection system, creating an invisible line that senses gases passing between the device's transmitter and receiver. The Searchline Excel Plus monitors short and mid-range applications from 2 to 120 meters (6 to 393 feet), allowing workers to monitor specific areas or equipment for continuous safety applications.

The Searchline Excel Edge provides long range perimeter or fence line monitoring from 60 to 330 meters (196 to 1,083 feet). Along with wind direction and speed, worksite employees can both monitor whether their facility could be emitting harmful gases into neighboring areas or if neighboring plants may have leaks of their own that are crossing onto the facility's property and need to be addressed. In both instances, monitoring for gas emissions shows environmental due diligence and can be a factor in avoiding or reducing costly fines and litigation.

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