Harmonic Filters with Germanischer Lloyd

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For applications and projects where marine approvals are required

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Harmonic Filters with Germanischer Lloyd
Harmonic Filters with Germanischer Lloyd

Schaffner's 100A and 120A active harmonic filters ECOsine Active are now available for applications and projects where marine approvals are required. They provide the system with an opposing corrective current immediately, compensating harmonics, phase shift and load-unbalance at the same time. They dynamically adapt to changing grid and load situations.

The supplier has successfully completed the rigorous third-party testing by Germanischer Lloyd for the new active harmonic filters with the designation FN 3420-100-480-3-GL and FN3420-120-480-3-GL. The new filters meet the needs of oil & gas, marine and offshore applications and enable safe, reliable and enhanced performance in versatile projects and operations.

Posted on October 28, 2014 - (461 views)
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