Harting: Revenues Increase by 13 % to € 547 Million

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Harting: Revenues Increase by 13 % to € 547 Million
Harting: Revenues Increase by 13 % to € 547 Million

The Harting Technology Group in Espelkamp, Germany has started the 2014/15 financial year with a strong tailwind. Revenues rose during the past 2013/14 financial year (October 1, 2013 to September 30, 2014) by 13 % to € 547 million (previous year: € 484 million). With this performance, the company posted the highest revenues in its history.

"The strong growth is spurring us on and acting as a motivational factor for the entire Group. We are absolutely delighted. This is a result that we predicted at the last annual press conference. We have therefore delivered," remarked Philip F. W. Harting, Senior Vice President Connectivity & Networks as well and President/General Partner. At the beginning of December 2013, the Harting Senior Vice President forecasted revenues of over € 500 million for the 2013/14 financial year.

Business performance was very strong in the individual regions in which the Harting Technology Group operates. Only the EMEA region (excluding Germany) reflected marginal revenue growth. In contrast, revenues in Asia increased by 40 % to € 126 million (previous year: € 90 million).

Europe - excluding Germany and the Middle East (EMEA) - showed a slight 0.4 % rise in revenues to € 175 million (previous year: € 174 million). HARTING's revenues in Germany climbed by 11 % to € 194 million (previous year: € 174 million). In the Americas, the Espelkamp-based, family-owned company posted a 13 % increase to € 52 million (previous year: € 46 million). The Harting Technology Group generated over two-thirds of total revenues (64 %) abroad. "We aim to achieve customer proximity worldwide. That applies to all of our markets. We are focusing in particular on the Asian growth markets and above all on China," said Philip F. W. Harting.

Posted on January 5, 2015 - (119 views)
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