High-Precision Planetary Gearboxes

High performance and torque in different stage versions

  • MDK right-angled planetary gear box
    MDK right-angled planetary gear box
  • MF planetary gear
    MF planetary gear

The new MD and MF planetary gearbox ranges are now launched by Apex Dynamics. Designed to provide a combination of unparalleled cost and high performance through enhanced torque output, precision and efficiency, both are high precision planetary gearboxes with long lifetimes, high rigidity, and backlash in the range of 3 to 4 arc min, depending on the number of stages.

Straight and right-angled versions

MD and MF precision planetary gearboxes are ideal for an array of precision applications, including robotics, industrial automation, machine control or machine tooling. Delivering high precision, high efficiency and high torque at a good price both the MD and MF ranges include right-angled versions - MDK and MFK - and are provided in ratios from 4 (single stage) to 10,000 (4 stage). Available in frame sizes 064 to 450, the MD and MDK gearboxes have rotary face output, with an alternative MDS version of the product available that incorporates the same set of features, as well as the choice of smooth input shaft or input shaft with keyway. The MF and MFK gearboxes have shaft output and are available in frame sizes from 060 to 240.