High-Quality Ball Rail System for Standard Tasks

Flexible combination of rails and runner blocks can be replaced individually

  • High-Quality Ball Rail System for Standard Tasks
    High-Quality Ball Rail System for Standard Tasks

With the BSCL (Ball Rail System Compact Line), Bosch Rexroth has expanded its portfolio, adding a versatile, high-quality linear guide. The new product family for applications with lower performance requirements complements the BSHP high-precision range. The economical guides are particularly suitable for use in assembly and handling tasks as well as for woodworking systems or in machine tools. With six sizes from 15 to 45, six runner block designs, three pre-load classes and the three accuracy classes N, H and P, the new BSCL product family covers a broad range of applications. The C100dyn load capacity is up to 79,200 N, while the maximum speed is 5 m/s. The new BSCL ball rail systems close the gap between high-precision ball rail systems and simpler guide rail systems such as linear bushings or cam roller guides. 

Digital engineering, quick delivery and installation

Like all linear guides from Bosch Rexroth, the BSCL ball rail system can be selected, configured and ordered online quickly and easily using modern e-tools. The global Rexroth network ensures quick delivery and maximum availability. The profiled rail systems in the new range are available in lengths of up to four meters in one piece and can easily be shortened to the desired length using simple tools. After cutting to length, the ends only need to be deburred – there is no need for time-consuming chamfering. In addition, precision rails and runner blocks of the same size can be combined with each other as required. This makes logistics easier and reduces the work involved if servicing is required.

Long service life reduces maintenance costs

The sealing concept of the runner blocks prevents chips and other contaminants from infiltrating the runner blocks, thus helping to ensure a long service life. The runner blocks are supplied with initial lubrication and can be relubricated from both end caps. The design with eight lubrication points gives users greater freedom. Front seals, scraper plates and front lube units are available as accessories.