Scalable Frequency Converters

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For a wide variety of automation environments with simple commissioning and open interfaces

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Scalable Frequency Converters
Scalable Frequency Converters

The EFC 3610 and EFC 5610 frequency converters from Rexroth are scalable in performance and functioning, the drives can be integrated into a wide variety of automation environments with simple commissioning and open interfaces.

The intelligent frequency converters control speed on demand, thus significantly reducing the energy consumption of pumps, compressors and fans. They can be integrated into many different kinds of machines as compact units for speed and torque control. Together with permanent magnet motors, the frequency converters increase energy efficiency and the continuously adaptable pulse frequency minimizes motor noise at the same time. Integrated energy counters measure actual consumption and show valuable information for the energetic optimization of machines and systems.

Commissioning without a PC
With the integrated control panel, commissioning can be done easily without programming devices or a PC. From there the user can start auto-tuning or quickly and easily enter or change the few necessary parameters. With switchover options between parameter sets and integrated PID control to increase flexibility as well as various optional I/O and fieldbus modules, the devices are suitable for any application in machine building.

The LED display can show all operating variables. The removable control panel has an integrated copy function. This accelerates the commissioning of several frequency converters with the same or similar parameter set and reduces the work required when exchanging equipment. The drives have analog inputs and outputs, which can be used as voltage or current interfaces. Digital inputs/outputs make simple direct coupling with a PLC possible. The assembly work required is significantly reduced by the integrated brake chopper and mains filter as well as time-saving installation technology using plug-in terminals and an attachment option on standard DIN rail.

Open interfaces for universal application
The frequency converters can be easily integrated into an automation network via a Modbus interface included as standard or an optional PROFIBUS module. With the integrated sequence control with 16 levels, independent sequences can be parameterized. The protection function for pump operation and motor temperature monitoring protect the system during critical process conditions.

The two new frequency converter series cover the power spectrum from 0.4 to 18.5 kW. In addition to the freely definable V/f operation, the EFC 5610 also offers vector control for an optimal torque curve. In heavy duty mode, the overload capacity can be maintained at up to 150 percent for 60 seconds. The high-torque EFC 5610 frequency converter also offers an optimal start torque of 200 percent at 0.5 Hz.

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