IEC Inlet Filters

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Compact, only 46mm high

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IEC Inlet Filters
IEC Inlet Filters

Delivered with fast-on or spring cage terminals for faster and vibration proof cabling, Schaffner Group's single-stage FN9280 and the double-stage FN9290 EMC/EMI filter modules come with type C14 IEC appliance inlet. Featuring an ultra-compact design, they include a combined dual pole power switch and a dual fuse holder unit and a versatile flange mount system for fast and flexible installation. The switch disconnects all poles of the device from the mains and can be removed for maintenance in order to specifically avoid accidental connection and power-on. The new flange mount system with either horizontal or vertical mounting holes provides maximum flexibility for front or back mounting. Because of the RF tight joining of the flange frames with the deep-drawn steel housings an optimal shielding even against strong magnetic fields has been achieved. The FN9280 series is equipped with single-stage EMC/EMI filters. The FN9290 series requiring the identical panel cutout has a double-stage EMC/EMI filter with an attenuation of up to 80dB and is ideally suited for applications with higher interference levels. The B versions of both series with a minimal leakage current of 5μA maximum are suited for use in medical devices. The FN9280 series can optionally be delivered as E version with earth line choke for additional asymmetric interference suppression. The new series are designed for currents from 1 to 10A with a rated voltage up to 250Vac. They are UL, CSA, ENEC and CQC approved and conform to RoHS and REACH. The B-versions comply with the requirements of the active third edition of the safety standard IEC/EN60601-1 for medical devices.

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