IEN meets Brownell

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Robert Beasley, Business Development Manager at Brownell

Industrial Equipment & Supplies

IEN meets Brownell
IEN meets Brownell

IEN: You provide a huge variety of products and solutions that prevent and protect against condensation, humidity and pressure control. What are your main target industries?
Beasley: Our main target areas are protecting equipment from many different industrial sectors from the harmful effects of high humidity and moisture. The protection provided to these systems from our products will allow them to operate under climatic extremes. Thus the possibility of in built moisture causing a failure will be eliminated. A dry benign environment will also lead to an increased equipment life expectancy. Our main market sectors are electronics, optical systems, laser, thermal imaging, electrical generation & packaging. These sectors can be broken down into commercial, defence and process.

IEN: Which are the most promising industrial branches for you at the moment?
Beasley: The most promising industrial branches for us at the moment is the global acceptance that within the sensitive optical and electro optical markets. Environmental protection is of major importance to ensure that moisture will not cause premature failure. These sectors are embracing the need to both dry gas purge, to pre-condition equipment and employ passive desiccant solutions to maintain system integrity during lifetime operation.

IEN: Geographically speaking, where are your main customers located?
Beasley: Our main customer base is within the UK, however we have always had overseas customers. The USA is a major market for us and accounts for much of our new/growth business. Europe is also a rapid growth market. In certain sectors Australia is proving to also show much potential. The emerging markets BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India & China) will definitely be future growth markets for us.

IEN: How do you distribute your products and services in Europe?
Beasley: Our products are sold and supported in Europe by a number of approved agents and partner companies for large European projects.

IEN: What are the most serious factors that threaten technical equipment from being damaged by humidity or pressure?
Beasley: Excessive humidity levels can lead to a number of failure modes:
a) Moisture condensing and obscuring an optical view.
b) Corrosion/oxidation leading to mechanical failure.
c) Mould growth.
d) Freezing leading to structural failure.
e) De-lamination.
f) Insulation break down

Excessive pressure can lead to the following failures:
a) Equipment deformation / damage
b) The equipment becoming dangerous due to the stored energy caused by the event.
c) Transportation, heating (internal & external) & altitude can stimulate potentially damaging pressure differentials

IEN: As far as the development of new products is concerned: Are most of them designed in collaboration with your customers, i.e. according to their demands?
Beasley: We have a steady programme of research and develop coupled with new developments arising through collaborations with major European customers. Many of our new products and solutions are customer driven and we work with them to arrive at a successful solution.

IEN: What are the biggest challenges in terms of the development of new moisture and atmospheric protection solutions?
Beasley: The biggest challenge facing future developments is the use and incorporation of green technologies to extend the operational life and reliability of systems. We try were possible to reduced energy usage in build, manufacture and operation. Another problem we encounter is the world of miniaturisation, equipment becomes more densely packed and the available space for conventional solutions is reduced.

IEN: Mr Beasley, thank you very much for the interview.


Facts & Figures:

Established: 1952
Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
Number of Employees: 40 Main
Products: Products to prevent and protect against the effects of condensation, humidity and pressure control.
· Desiccant Bags
· Desiccants
· Desiccators
· Humidity Indicators
· Immersion Breathers
· Moisture Adsorbing Polymers
· NEPS1000
· Pressure Relief Valves
· Transformer Breathers
· Vent Dryers Tank Vent Dryers

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IEN meets Brownell

Robert Beasley, Business Development Manager at Brownell

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