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Suit bearings with 10-1500mm bore diameters

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Induction Heaters
Induction Heaters

Including seven models, Schaeffler’s HEATER range of FAG induction heaters is suitable for the mounting of bearings – or other circular steel components such as gears, couplings, pulleys and bushings – with a minimum bore diameter of 10mm, up to bearings with outside diameters of 1,500mm, with a maximum weight of 1,200kg. They are equipped with temperature-time (ramp) controls, which prevent overheating of the workpiece. These controls provide continuous temperature monitoring of such critical heater components as the main circuit board, coil and housing. An automatic overheating switch-off function is provided, ensuring that the heater’s induction coil never overheats, which reduces the risk of damage (stress fractures or cracks) to the workpiece. The heating duration can be operator set to a certain temperature so that the workpiece is carefully controlled and heated in a uniform manner. The device controller continuously regulates time and power consumption, ensuring that the temperature difference between the outside and inside of the workpiece is small at all times. The induction heating coil is located inside the heater housing in a horizontal arrangement. When using the HEATER10 and HEATER20, the heating process starts 5 s after the start button is pressed, giving the user sufficient time to move away. However, when using the larger induction heaters (HEATER40 to HEATER 1200) an infrared remote control is provided, allowing the user to start the heating process from a safe distance. All FAG induction heaters incorporate an automatic demagnetisation feature, which ensures that the workpiece does not attract any unwanted metallic particles during the heating process. All FAG induction heaters are fitted with a new cooling element/heat sink, which dissipates heat inside the heater more effectively, providing further added protection against overheating. The heater housing is protected to IP54 against dust and water spray. Cabling is securely connected to the heater, minimising loose connections and ensuring reliable continuous operation. With the HEATER10 and HEATER20, a protective hard case is also available. All benchtop heaters are also now equipped with two support bars, which reduce the risk of damage to the workpiece during positioning. For the HEATER600 and HEATER 1200, a sliding table is provided to help reduce the risk of damage whilst positioning the workpiece. For users who may be unsure of the size of induction heater they require, the company’s FAG Heating Manager software ensures that the correct selection is made quickly and easily. The user simply enters data about the workpiece to be heated, such as the dimensions and weight of the bearing. Using a special software algorithm, FAG Heating Manager then automatically selects the most appropriate heater model for that bearing.

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