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Industrial Cameras
Industrial Cameras

JAI’s broad range of new industrial prism-based multi-imager line scan and the family of CCD quad-tap area scan cameras include the LT-200CL, AM-800CL, AB-800CL, AM-201CL, AB-201CL, AB-200CL, AM-200CL as well as the new generation triple CCD prism based MT-200GE. Available with three 2 Mpixel CMOS sensors, the LT-200CL prism-based color line scan camera with Camera Link interface runs at 30383 lines/s scan rates. The quad tap camera family includes the monochrome AM-800CL and AB-800CL color 8 Mpixel industrial grade cameras. They provide full 3296x2472 pixels at 17 fps. The family also includes the 2 Mpixel monochrome AM-201CL and color AB-201CL with 1920x1080 pixel HDTV resolution at 64 fps as well as the monochrome AM-200CL and color AB-200CL offering 1600x1200 pixels with 4:3 aspect ratio at 68 fps. All quad-tap cameras are available with Camera Link interface or GigE Vision interface. The MT-200GE progressive scan cameras are dedicated to the medical and life sciences fields.

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