Industry: A third of Europe’s energy use

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eceee summer study explores the benefits of industrial energy efficiency

Industry: A third of Europe’s energy use
Industry: A third of Europe’s energy use

The European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, eceee is introducing a new series of events, focusing on energy efficiency in industry and industrial processes.

The industry sector accounts for about one third of the energy consumption in the EU, and the share is similar in other developed economies.

eceee believe that economically sound, energy efficient industries are key to maintaining and developing the industrial production base. Regardless of the sector, energy efficiency is key to productivity, energy security, job creation and sustainability. The Industrial Summer Study covers all types of industry, from manufacturing and food processing to heavy process industry. It covers large companies as well as SMEs.

The Summer Study is truly informal and focused on solutions. It offers a mix of presentations, workshops, informal sessions, posters and round the clock networking.

It will be held at the Papendal Hotel and Conference Centre, Arnhem, The Netherlands 11-14 September 2012.

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