Infrared Gas Detection Sensors IR Serie

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To monitor the presence of SF6

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Infrared Gas Detection Sensors IR Serie
Infrared Gas Detection Sensors IR Serie

N.E.T.'s IR series of infrared gas detection sensors use the technique of NDIR (Non Dispersive Infrared) to monitor the presence of SF6 or refrigerants. This technique is based on the fact that the gas has an unique and well defined light absorption curve in the infrared spectrum that can be used to identify the specific gas. The gas concentration can be determined by using a suitable infrared source and analysing the quantity of energy absorbed from the gas inside the optical path. The IREF-P sensor is equipped with electronics and firmware in order to provide an output linearized and a temperature compensated.

The output is analogue voltage type [0.4 V-2 V] dc (other voltages are available on request). The main features are: analogue voltage standard output; incorporated signal linearization and temperature compensation suited to instrument manufacturers without any specialist knowledge in IR technology; standard sensor size 32 mm; fast response; solid, rugged construction; wide operating temperature and humidity range (-20°C +60°C); new optics "Variable Geometry".

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