Innovative Flat Cable System for Cleanrooms

The Tsubaki Kabelschlepp Cleanveyor for cleanroom use achieves high levels of cleanliness with minimal abrasion

  • Innovative Flat Cable System for Cleanrooms
    Innovative Flat Cable System for Cleanrooms

Tsubaki Kabelschlepp. The wear-resistant system with low vibrations enables to keep the quantity of airborne particles to a minimum. The use of materials with an extremely low coefficient of friction ensures very low dust generation and a long service life of over 10 million cycles.

Certified to ISO cleanroom class 1, the Cleanveyor is designed for maximum hygiene not only for production and testing facilities for semiconductors, LEDs and OLEDs but also for production systems in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. The wide temperature range of -10°C to +80°C further extends the field of application.

Special carrier elements guarantee the stability of the system's movement

This solution is gentle on the cables and minimizes noise generation thanks to a low variation process that guarantees a noise level below 38 dB(A).

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