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Cable carriers
Cable carriers
Cable carriers
Cable carriers

No rare occurrence in day-to-day industrial production: sharp or hot chips, flying sparks, aggressive liquids, rough dirt and separated material particles. Certain operating conditions are critical for the cable carriers in automated work and manufacturing processes. When cables are damaged, the power fails, signals are not received, data are not communicated. There is a danger of costly production losses. Special protection is needed here. The products of the TUBE-series provide reliable protection against damage or wear of the cables installed, if operation conditions require it.

The enclosed cable carrier CoverTrax offers effective protection against chips, dust and dirt and prevents alien objects from entering in the cable area. This has been achieved by optimised chain geometries and a reinforced cover contour, allowing for very small gap widths, even for large chain widths. Alien objects cannot be deposited in the narrow gaps, nor can they penetrate into the interior cable compartment while the chain is in motion. Dirt is also deflected to the sides, since the covers provide a sealed enclosure flush with the sides. The enclosed stop system and internal damping result in quiet operation. The linking mechanism allows the chain to be opened quickly and easily, both inside and outside, and the cover may be completely removed – essential for quick cable installation.

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