SPS 2023: Tsubaki Kabelschlepp to Present UNIFLEX Advanced 1775: the Standard for Many Applications

Tsubaki Kabelschlepp will be presenting its comprehensive cable carrier portfolio at SPS 2023. Among the exhibits is the popular UNIFLEX Advanced 1775 (UA1775) cable carrier.

  • SPS 2023: Tsubaki Kabelschlepp to Present UNIFLEX Advanced 1775: the Standard for Many Applications
    SPS 2023: Tsubaki Kabelschlepp to Present UNIFLEX Advanced 1775: the Standard for Many Applications

The UNIFLEX Advanced 1775 (UA1775) cable carrier has been continuously expanded with new sizes and features in recent months. This qualifies the lightweight, quiet all-rounder for a wide range of applications, including in automotive production, gantries & axes, intralogistics, material flow and material handling, cranes and machine tool manufacturing, the timber industry, agricultural machinery and commercial vehicles.

The UA1775 is available with an inner height of 56 mm and in widths between 100 and 400 mm for the designs 020 (closed frame), 030 (with outside opening and detachable crossbars) and 040 (with inside opening and detachable crossbars). The durable cable carrier system impresses with its particularly quiet running and can be used with and without pretension and also unsupported and gliding on long travel lengths. High speeds and accelerations are also possible.

The four-part chain links are designed in such a way that the individual parts require only a minimum of storage volume, simplifying logistics and saving resources. With bending radii between 90 and 340 mm and the short pitch of 77.5 mm, the torsion-resistant design with its sturdy chain body ensures low wear. To protect the environment, TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP manufactures this cable carrier with up to 35 % regranulate.

In combination with the latest generation of the space-saving TS3 divider system, this opens up new areas of application, in particular in machine tool manufacturing and for gliding applications on gantries or axes. The TS3 system features a height separation with intermediate plastic partitions, while the narrow end divider on the outer sides ensures space-saving utilization of the space inside the cable carrier. The new divider is used for vertical division within the cable carrier as a standard. The complete divider system can be adjusted in the cross section and can also be used individually as a lockable TS0. The TS1 version with continuous height separation is another variant.

The UA1775 offers fast, easy and simple installation of cables and hoses: The crossbars can be opened and closed quickly – with just two steps in each case. A simple screwdriver is the only tool required. Particularly convenient: The crossbar remains attached to the chain link even when open and can therefore not be lost. If necessary, the crossbar can be released from the chain link with a simple twist.

With the easy-to-assemble design, the cable carrier offers great benefits especially as a ready-to-install TOTALTRAX® system or as an assembly for long travel lengths. In addition to high-flexibility cables, the TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP product range also includes guide channels made of aluminum and steel as well as drivers, roof system, condition monitoring components and much more.

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