Integrated XY Ball-Screw Stage

For cost-sensitive planar performance

  • Integrated XY Ball-Screw Stage
    Integrated XY Ball-Screw Stage

Aerotech's PlanarSL mechanical bearing, ball-screw-driven XY stages offer high performance in a cost-sensitive, low-profile package. Combining two axes of motion in a compact package, the device is a solution for applications ranging from surface metrology to general high-precision automation. The product comes standard with a precision-ground and preloaded ball screw. The ball screw is engineered to drive directly through the centers of friction and stiffness, resulting in high geometric performance and accuracy. High-precision linear motion guide bearings provide good straightness and flatness with optimal support of the moving carriage over the entire XY travel. Unlike designs using steel (13 ppm/˚C) or glass scales with 8 ppm/˚C thermal expansion coefficients, the solution is available with low-thermal expansion (3.3 ppm/˚C) precision glass scales on both axes for high-accuracy and repeatable positioning over long periods of time. The linear encoder, available with amplified sine (1 Vpp) or 0.1 µm TTL digital outputs, is mounted near the centers of action, again providing an optimized stage design for high-accuracy positioning.

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