Intelligent Data Acquisition

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Automates data collection from remote locations

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Intelligent Data Acquisition
Intelligent Data Acquisition

For remote sensors, transducers and I/O, the MDS WiYZ from GE Energy is an industrial, field hardened, wireless data acquisition product. With WiYZ battery powered remotes, it allows users to reliably automate data collection from remote locations even when they lack power. The device implements the ISA100.11a standard combined with serial and IP/Ethernet communication featuring cellular, WiFi and MDS backhaul options. All WiYZ devices are IP 65 rated for field installation without any additional enclosure, accessory or integration costs. Ideal for a variety of remote data acquisition applications in oil and gas, utility and heavy industrial markets such as wellhead pressure, tank levels and compressors and pumps, the MDS WiYZ delivers actionable data to controllers, metering devices and enterprise SCADA systems or operations centers. Field hardened remotes self create an ISA100.11a mesh network for reliable, secure, standards based communication to the WiYZ gateway. Serial and IP/Ethernet communication featuring an array of wired and wireless options at the gateway allow simultaneous access to remote data using WiFi, CDMA/GPRS cellular and MDS long range wireless options via the Modbus protocol. The gateway also features time-stamped data storage and reporting services using FTP for periodic bulk data transfers.

Posted on July 21, 2011 - (1897 views)
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