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    Intelligent Technology Features

Okuma introduces their high-precision application SERVONAVI as part of their line of Intelligent Technology features. Available on almost all of the manufacturer's machining centres, lathes and multitasking machines, the application is able to increase surface quality, reduce production time and to undo the effects of wear and tear in older machines. When it comes to machining heavy parts, consistent performance is key. As a comprehensive manufacturer of machine tools and CNC controls, Okuma is able to create applications specifically designed to achieve high-quality results regardless of machining conditions. SERVONAVI is able to provide maximum accuracy and higher efficiency by automatically adjusting the machine's settings to the conditions of each individual job - in real time.

Optimised acceleration speeds

By default, table feed acceleration parameters are set to suit the maximum table load, which can slow down acceleration. SERVONAVI's Work Weight Auto Setting estimates and automatically adjusts to the actual weight of the workpiece and the fixture. By automatically setting servo parameters to the optimum values, the technology is able to achieve faster acceleration speeds and shorter cycle times without compromising machining accuracy.


Maximised precision

After years of use, slide resistance in machine tools can change, resulting in crease marks at motion reversals. SERVONAVI's Reversal Spike Auto Adjustment compensates for slide load variations that diverge from the ideal servo control settings. Thus, the system effectively counteracts the effects of wear and tear in order to ensure the highest possible level of surface quality.


Minimised vibration

Excessive vibration that can occur after years of operating a machine tool is more than a nuisance - it can also decrease surface quality. SERVONAVI's Vibration Auto Adjustment automatically adapts to the changed conditions to effectively eliminate noise and vibration while machining. By reducing vibrations the feature also enhances the machine's longevity.


Reduced positioning error

When chucks or workpieces are changed, inertia (inertial mass) also changes, sometimes resulting in greater positioning error. Auto Inertia Setting estimates chuck and workpiece inertia from acceleration torque and automatically changes servo parameter settings to the optimum values. This reduces positioning error and helps to prevent oscillation (hunting) during C-axis electromechanical coupling so that high accuracy and stable movement can be maintained. SERVONAVI is standard on most machining centres, lathes and multitasking machines equipped with Okuma's OSP-P300.

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