LaserTurn 1 motion subsystem

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LaserTurn 1 motion subsystem
LaserTurn 1 motion subsystem

The LaserTurn1 provides high speed and high resolution positioning for 100mm of linear travel and full spindle rotation, and comes with collet and automated materials handling built-in. It fulfils smaller component production requirements for material diameters to 3.0mm for wet cutting and 7.9mm dry. The units utilise an integrated linear/rotary design with low moving mass and high bearing stiffness, minimising dynamic pitch error. The LaserTurn1 is available in a standard accuracy grade of +/- 2.0microns or with the Halar calibrated option to +/- 0.5 microns. Repeatability is +/- 0.2microns linear and +/- 4 arc-seconds rotary. Maximum speed on the linear axis is 300mm/sec and 600rpm on the rotary. The small footprint stage construction is black hardcoat aluminium with a 440C hardened stainless steel Type D collet. There are ample M4 threaded Helicoil inserts for clamping the optional attachments or customer supplied components.

Posted on March 1, 2009 - (626 views)
Aerotech Ltd
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