Led Lights with Nanosecond-scale Strobe Capability

A whitepaper from Smart Vision Lights

  • Led Lights with Nanosecond-scale Strobe Capability
    Led Lights with Nanosecond-scale Strobe Capability

Smart Vision Lights. Lighting applications today require light sources to reach full intensity in a shorter time to keep up with faster image acquisition by high-speed cameras. To meet this demand, Smart Vision Lights has developed a driver capable of delivering full power to a light in 500 nanoseconds or less. The NanoDriveTM is designed to allow tens of amps to reach the LEDs of the light within nanoseconds, resulting in a light reaching its full LED power/light intensity within that time frame. NanoDrive’sTM patent-pending technology replaces Smart Vision Lights’ existing drivers, namely the Multi DriveTM and OverDriveTM products, by including the ability to operate in continous mode or OverDriveTM strobe mode with nanosecond-scale LED rise and fall times. NanoDriveTM allows the LEDs to be at full power in 500 ns or less.

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