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Safe access to danger zones

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Light Beam Devices
Light Beam Devices

With the new multifunctional PSENopt Advanced light beam devices, Pilz is expanding its offer of light barriers for safe access to danger zones. With PSENopt Advanced either muting, blanking or even cascading can be carried out with just one light barrier depending on the requirements. The corresponding software PSENopt Configurator makes the commissioning and operation easier. With their multifunctionality the light beam devices offer very high flexibility: Depending on the requirements, either muting, blanking or cascading can be implemented with a light barrier. The device offers safety up to PLe here: The light guards work with continuous single beams that make the formation of so-called "dead zones" impossible. The light beam devices can thus move closer to the application. The single beams make it easier to align and monitor the light beam devices with the new software PSENopt Configurator. Furthermore, the PSENopt Configurator ensures rapid diagnosis as the interruption of the light beam device can be assigned immediately. When using several of the light beam devices at the same time, the visual coding prevents the light barriers from impairing one another. This in turn increases the flexibility in terms of installation.

Posted on December 23, 2013 - (520 views)
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