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    Configurable Control System

Pilz expands the device category "configurable control systems" with the new product range PNOZmulti 2. The company presents the compact base unit PNOZ m B0 plus the expansion module PNOZ m EF 8DI4DO. For the first time it will provide 8 safe inputs as well as 4 safe semiconductor outputs (PL e; SIL CL 3) in one module. Users benefit from increased flexibility in engineering. The comapny now provides a module for fast signal shutdown with the Fast Control Unit in the automation system PSS 4000. The module can access I/O signals in the control program and is therefore as flexible as a freely programmable module. Thanks to the local logic function, the Fast Control Unit reacts as quickly as a hard-wired module. It is applied wherever users need a particularly rapid reaction to fault states, such as on presses or in cable cars.

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