Head Modules for EtherNet/IP

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Expansion of interfaces for remote I/O system


Head Modules for EtherNet/IP
Head Modules for EtherNet/IP

Pilz expands its remote I/O system PSSuniversal 2 by a head module with EtherNet/IP interface. This means that PSSuniversal 2 offers the necessary openness for smooth communication in various control environments on an Ethernet basis. In the remote I/O system PSSuniversal 2 there is already a head module available with PROFINET PROFIsafe interface, in addition to the new EtherNet/IP head module with CIP safety. This openness makes the data exchange with the various master control systems easier, irrespective of the machine type and the existing system environment. 

Fast change

The remote I/O system can be adapted by changing the head module for existing system environments. Exchanging the head module is quick and easy: To do this, users save their configuration data locally on a microSD card. Then you can easily transfer the data to the new head module with EtherNet/IP interface. The I/O modules can be used universally in an identical manner for the various safety protocols.

Economical solution

The remote I/O system has been awarded the IF DESIGN AWARD is the economical solution for periphery expansion. The I/O modules can be used universally in an identical manner for the various safety protocols. Its three-part system structure means that the PSS u2 system is easy to install and service. The operation sequence is intuitive. Its simple handling helps the user to avoid errors and save time.

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