Low Outgassing Labels

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Low Outgassing Labels
Low Outgassing Labels

CILS have developed a computer printable, durable label for the identification of instruments on the Columbus Space Module - part of the International Space Station (ISS). The labels were required to comply with the ASTM E595 standard developed by NASA for low outgassing, in order to prevent contamination in the high vacuum environment. Additionally the label material was specified to survive extreme temperatures, chemicals and solvents. CILS 8900OG labels were technically developed to withstand a temperature range from -55°C to +388°C, while offering exceptional resistance to solvents and chemicals including isopropyl (IPA) and ethanol.

The CILS 8900OG label was successfully tested achieving TML ‘Total Mass Loss’ of 0.81% and CVCM ‘Collected Volatile Condensable Material’ of 0.02%. The WVR ‘Water Vapour recovered’ was measured at 0.71%. These values are well below the acceptable outgassing limits confirming the labels to be fully ASTM E595 compliant. CILS 8900OG labels were provided in a blank format, allowing complete flexibility to customise printed data on each label with unique instrument information. Due to the versatile durability of the CILS 8900OG label it is now used in a wide variety of aerospace and avionic applications.

Posted on November 2, 2016 - (782 views)
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