Hand-writeable ‘Sign & Seal’ Label

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For practical, durable calibration and test labelling

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Hand-writeable ‘Sign & Seal’ Label
Hand-writeable ‘Sign & Seal’ Label

CILS presents an innovative, hand-writeable 'Sign & Seal' label range provides practical, durable calibration and test labelling in the field. Manufactured to your specification and pre-printed in full colour, Sign & Seal labels feature an easy-to-apply overlaminate tab. Once sealed, data is protected from moisture (including solvents and chemicals), dirt, grease, frequent handling etc., and high-tech adhesives keep labels secure even on textured or curved surfaces. Sign & Seal labels ultimately offer a professional, reliable solution for when no printer is available, but durability is paramount.

Posted on March 31, 2016 - (1066 views)
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