Printable Label Sets

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The 9000-laser series and 8000-thermal transfer series of durable labels are designed to your precise size, shape and colour specifications

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Printable Label Sets
Printable Label Sets

Computer Imprintable Label Systems (CILS) introduces their 9000-laser series and 8000-thermal transfer series of durable labels in easy-to-manage sets, eliminating the cost (and hassle) of using several separate label rolls, and reducing waste.

Labels are designed to your precise size, shape and colour specifications, and laid out in the most practical and cost-effective arrangement before being manufactured onto laser-printable sheets or thermal transfer rolls. CILS can also pre-print your data and provide ready-to use label sets or booklets.

Combining labels into sets guarantees consistent durability and print quality across your product, and allows for easier distribution in product packs and along production lines. Thousands of material and adhesive combinations are available, to provide maximum resistance to extreme temperatures (-180°C to +388°C), solvents and chemicals, fuels, oils, degreasers, abrasion etc.

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