Low-voltage IE4 motors in cast-iron and aluminum housing

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Siemens' Simotics portfolio enhanced with Super Premium Efficiency Class IE4 line motors

Low-voltage IE4 motors in cast-iron and aluminum housing
Low-voltage IE4 motors in cast-iron and aluminum housing

Siemens has taken another step into an energy efficient future and is now offering Simotics low-voltage motor based on induction technology in the highest motor efficiency class currently defined. The IE4 motors from the Simotics GP and Simotics SD series are characterized by both reduced losses and an efficiency level that is up to 14 percent higher than that of IE1 motors. This makes it possible to achieve especially high energy savings and benefit from the associated reduction in operating and maintenance costs.
The Simotics IE4 motors are designed according to DIN EN 50347 Standard, which means that existing IE1, IE2 or IE3 motors can be replaced easily. As example, Simotics low voltage IE4 motors are suitable for use in pump, fan and compressor applications and many more industrial applications.

In view of the increasingly stringent energy saving standards within the EU and other countries of the globe, Siemens is making it possible for industrial plants to equip themselves for the future while making substantial savings on energy and other costs today. Based on the 1LE1 platform, highly-efficient IE4 motors with a choice of

  • aluminum housing (Simotics General Purpose) in the range from 2.2 to 18 kW, or
  • cast-iron housing (Simotics Severe Duty) from 2.2 to 200 kW in two and four-pole versions

are available. This represents a consistent development of the already existing lines, enabling plant operators to continue to be able to select the housing design which best suits the application in hand.

The motors can be operated directly on-line or converter fed., which also results in more flexibility, particularly in retrofit projects. Since the standard output and shaft height assignment have been retained for the IE4 version, it is easy to replace the motors.

Simotics motors are suitable for use in all industries, particularly in the chemicals, oil and gas, water/wastewater, mining and heating, ventilation and air conditioning sectors. Here the asynchronous design constitutes a reliable technology for pump, fan and compressor applications. While general-purpose motors are appropriate for use in day-to-day applications in standard environmental conditions, the Severe Duty motors with their rugged cast-iron housing fulfill the more demanding requirements found in the paper and printing industry as well as the chemicals and petrochemicals industry.

Posted on January 12, 2015 - (436 views)
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