Magnetic Inductive Flowmeter FlowTRANS MAG S01

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It comes either as a compact device with protection type IP67 or with a separate transmitter (IP68)

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Magnetic Inductive Flowmeter FlowTRANS MAG S01
Magnetic Inductive Flowmeter FlowTRANS MAG S01

The magnetic inductive flowmeter JUMO flowTRANS MAG S01 represents an important addition to the measurement technology portfolio. Magnetic inductive flow metering is one of the most common measurement methods in the world. This popularity can be attributed to the suitability for a wide range of applications, high degree of measuring accuracy, and easy startup. The JUMO flowTRANS MAG S01 constitutes the standard version of the new series. It is available for nominal widths ranging from DN 10 to DN 300.

The conductivity of the measurement medium must be at least 5 µS/cm; the maximum temperature lies at 130°C. Further versions can be purchased upon request. The flowmeter comes either as a compact device with protection type IP67 or with a separate transmitter (IP68). DIN versions or ASME versions are available as flange. As standard, the flowmeters are lined with PTFE. This material is largely impervious to acids and lyes, is light/weather resistant, and abrasion resistant to small particles.

A more cost-effective lining made of hard rubber is available for larger nominal widths. These devices are simple and convenient to configure, either on the device itself or using PC software. The transmitter automatically detects the sensor and, when the auxiliary energy is switched on, the data from the SensorMemory is loaded automatically. Operation occurs using a freely configurable, backlit display. The transmitter electronics and the sensors can be checked for proper function and the operating conditions can be monitored through integrated diagnostic functions.

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