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The business unit "Railway Technology" of Burisch Elektronik Bauteile GmbH with the LED lighting system SCHURTER TrenoLux was certified according to IRIS ISO/TS 22163 at the first attempt in 2021.

  • SCHURTER TrenoLux LED lighting ensures reliability and best visibility
    SCHURTER TrenoLux LED lighting ensures reliability and best visibility

Schurter. Behind the IRIS certification stands a quality management model that is tailored specifically to the railroad industry and its suppliers.

What does IRIS stand for?

IRIS stands for "International Railway Industry Standard". With the IRIS standard, the Brussels-based "Union des Industries Ferroviaires Européennes" (UNIFE), in cooperation with leading rail system manufacturers, developed an internationally applicable requirement for quality management systems for the first time in 2006. This set of rules applies not only to rail system manufacturers, but to the same extent to their suppliers and engineering service providers. They, as well, can be certified according to the same requirements.

A lot of time has passed since 2006. The requirements have increased and the regulations have been revised and adapted several times. The current version is called IRIS ISO/TS 22163.


ISO/TS 22163 is a quality (QMS) and business management system (BMS). It refers to processes and the most accurate documentation of them. Particular importance is attached to project management, configuration management and obsolescence management. One of the core objectives of IRIS is to avoid quality defects and delays in the supply chain, reduce costs and increase reliability.

The guidelines intervene early in the procurement process to ensure maximum quality from the outset. Today, more than 2000 companies worldwide are certified to ISO/TS 22163. Considering that everyone has to operate according to the same rules and specifications, this facilitates cooperation enormously. All processes are transparent for customers and suppliers. ISO/TS 22163 becomes an internationally recognized and applicable tool. And last but not least, a seal of quality!

SCHURTER TrenoLux LED lighting system

TrenoLux is an LED lighting system for railroad technology from the Austrian company Burisch Elektronik Bauteile GmbH - part of the Swiss SCHURTER Group since 1.1.2017. Born as a system for good exterior visibility on rail vehicles, interior lighting is now also being offered. The Viennese Burisch has meanwhile been able to gain a lot of experience and can count a large number of well-known railroad system manufacturers among its customers. Engineering is based in Vienna, while production is carried out in SCHURTER TrenoLux LED lighting ensures reliability and best visibility

Why LED?

What are the advantages of using LED technology in railroad technology? The very first point is also the main reason why Burisch does rail technology at all. Many years ago, ÖBB had to deal with long downtimes and maintenance times for its rail vehicles. A locomotive that stands still costs money. And lighting that has to be replaced every year also costs money.

This is where Burisch literally jumped on the train and solved this problem with LED technology. LED lighting systems are extremely reliable and bright. This not only reduces maintenance costs, but also increases the safety of the entire train. After all, something could be lying on the tracks. The sooner the train driver recognizes this, the more likely it is that things will turn out well.

Standard– Fitted – Customized

The SCHURTER TrenoLux engineers almost always work closely with the rail system manufacturers. The lighting is adapted to the rail vehicle. This means that standard off-the-shelf solutions rarely fit. Burisch offers "Fitted" and "Customized" versions for this purpose. The latter are completely customized solutions.

SCHURTER Supply Chain

When things get really tricky for a customer-specific solution, Burisch, as part of the SCHURTER Group, can count on a multitude of competencies from other Group companies. These include for example: PCBA assembly according to IPC Class 3, bonding according to DIN 6701 up to level A1, laser cutting or screen printing on glass and polycarbonate.

Certification on the first attempt!

In order to compete in the highly competitive international market, Burisch and Cabex had to undergo the certification audits for IRIS ISO/TS 22163. Both passed with flying colors! Deutsche Bahn Q1

Although ISO/TS 22163 is the internationally recognized and required standard, it can happen that individual rail operators conduct their own audits and issue their own quality labels. This is the case with Deutsche Bahn AG, for example. If you want to participate in a competition, you need ISO/TS 22163, but Deutsche Bahn wants it to be a little more precise. So both the Vienna site and the production facility in Hungary were audited by Deutsche Bahn. The result: quality rating Q1. This is the highest rating that Deutsche Bahn awards at all.

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