Manufacturing Execution System

To set up parameters on both Numerical Control programs and data records

  • Manufacturing Execution System
    Manufacturing Execution System

The Hydra DNC tool is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) from MPDV that helps manufacturers saving time and avoid mistakes as erroneous entries, which means improving process reliability and speeding setup times as companies save more than 10 minutes on each setup process. 

Suitable for NC programs and data records

MES HYDRA’s built-in HYDRA DNC application can be used on both Numerical Control programs and data records for setup parameters. According to the upcoming working process or the article to be produced, Hydra can propose a suitable NC program and setup data record during the log-on process at the shop floor terminal. This NC program can be compared with previous ones and adjusted if necessary, so that an optimized program will be available the next time the system is used.

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