Software Suite for Artificial Intelligence

AI-based standard applications for the Smart Factory

  • Software Suite for Artificial Intelligence
    Software Suite for Artificial Intelligence

The aim of MPDV's new AI Suite is to enable manufacturing companies to easily use AI methods to fully exploit their data. All applications in the new AI Suite can be deployed and used without a costly AI project - out of the box, so to speak. This ease of deployment is made possible by the existing semantic database that is shared by all MPDV IT solutions. There is no need for a data scientist. Manufacturing companies can gain insight into their production in a very short time. 

The AI Suite currently comprises eight standard applications. They provide functions for automatic production and personnel planning, as well as for analysing and predicting lead times, scrap and machine utilisation, or for predicting product quality.

Why artificial intelligence?

Everybody is talking about artificial intelligence (AI), which is already an integral part of our everyday lives in many areas, such as voice assistants, translation tools and navigation systems. AI also offers tremendous opportunities in the smart factory by optimising production, increasing productivity and improving sustainability

While today AI is mainly used by a few large companies in complex and costly projects, MPDV's AI Suite offers a wide range of standard applications. MPDV offers applications that allow manufacturing companies, even small and medium-sized ones, to get started with little preparation and effort. The required data is usually available in the Manufacturing Integration Platform (MIP). The AI-based applications of the AI Suite enhance the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) HYDRA X and the Advanced Planning and Scheduling System (APS) FEDRA.