Manz Automation Reports Revenue and Earnings Leap in 2010

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Total operating revenue more than doubles from € 101 million to € 205 million

Manz Automation Reports Revenue and Earnings Leap in 2010
Manz Automation Reports Revenue and Earnings Leap in 2010

Manz Automation AG, one of the world's leading technology providers for the photovoltaic and Flat Panel Display (FPD) industry, has published preliminary business figures for 2010. The company's revenue went up from € 85.9 million to € 181.4 million. At the same time, total operating revenue more than doubled from € 101.1 million to € 205.0 million.
Along with a strong increase of customer demand, the launch of newly developed products on the market was the main reason for this significant growth. The company, based in Reutlingen, Germany, achieved a record result particularly in its FPD segment in which Manz Automation AG develops and produces system solutions for the production of flat screens and touch panels. Driven by the boom for tablet computers and touch panel mobile phones, segment revenue quadrupled from € 14.9 million to € 58.8 million. Revenue also increased in the photovoltaic segment, rising from € 46.9 million to € 65.7 million. Newly developed crystalline solar cell production systems, in particular, enjoyed a considerable demand boost.

Posted on March 14, 2011 - (13270 views)
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