Metal Line Switch MSM LA CS

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With a durable ceramic actuator particularly resistant to scratches, abrasion, chemicals as well as impact

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Metal Line Switch MSM LA CS
Metal Line Switch MSM LA CS

SCHURTER developed and manufactured a robust and reliable metal line switch. The MSM LA CS expands the Metal Line range as well as the MSM family of pushbutton switches. The switches with ceramic surfaces can be backlit across their entire surface and are highly durable.

SCHURTER is expanding its popular MSM family of pushbutton switches with the MSM LA CS. The switch uses a ceramic actuation surface. The biocompatible ON/Off metal switch can be backlit across the entire surface, making it both visually attractive and especially robust. The durable ceramic actuator is particularly resistant to scratches, abrasion, chemicals as well as impact. The standard or customized legends are directly applied to the ceramic material. The illuminated design provides a uniform glow across the entire actuator surface in the selected illumination colour (red, green, blue, white or orange). They can be labelled either in black (positive labelling) or in the selected illumination colour with inverse labelling.

The MSM LA CS switch, available with 19 or 22 mm mounting diameters, is suitable for use in a temperature range from ‐20°C to 85°C. The specific switching state can be easily detected by the latching position of the actuator, which enables user-friendly actuation and, at the same time, prevents inadvertent switching. In addition, due to the blade-terminal connections, the switch can be wired very quickly. The sturdy stainless steel housing and the scratch proof ceramic actuator make the MSM LA CS switch impact proof and robust. These ceramic versions are especially suited for use in equipment operating in harsh environmental conditions or for applications that require protection against vandalism.

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SCHURTER continues to be a progressive innovator and manufacturer of electronic and electrical components worldwide. Our products ensure safe and clean supply of power, while making equipment easy to use. We offer a broad range of standard products including circuit protection, connectors, EMC products, switches and input systems, as well as electronic manufacturing services. Moreover, SCHURTER is ready to work with our customers to meet their application specific requirements, not covered in our standard range. You can rely on SCHURTER's global network of companies and partners to guarantee a high level of local service and product delivery.

Products and Services: Circuit Protection: Fuse-Links, Fuseholders, Circuit Breakers for Equipment, Voltage Selectors Connectors: IEC Appliance Couplers, Appliance Inlets, Connectors, Appliance Outlets, Plugs, Power Supply Cords, Interconnection Cords EMC Products: 1- and 3-phase Line Filters with and without IEC Appliance Inlets, Sine Filters, Chokes and Pulse Transformers Switches: Metal Line Switches, Printmount and Frontpanel Switches, Public Transport Switches, Indicators Input Systems: Metal- and Membrane Keypads, Touch Screens, Touch Panels, Cabinet and Housing Systems. Services: Electronic Manufacturing Services for the Electronic Industry, Development of Customer specific Products, Support of pre Compliance Measurement for EMC topics

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