Miniature Magnetic Encoders

Incremental & absolute measurement for different requirements

  • Miniature Magnetic Encoders
    Miniature Magnetic Encoders

Bogen Magnetics designs and manufactures an extensive range of housed and unhoused magnetic encoders complete with linear scales, rotary scales, segmented rings, arcs, and curved structures. They can be tailored to meet individual demands: dimensions, shapes, materials, mounting methods, patterns etc. can be evaluated to fit each application exactly.

The IKP11 incremental encoder features miniature and lightweight PCB design, it is perfect for embedded OEM motion control linear and rotary applications. It offers resolutions between 0.020 and 500 µm (and DPI resolution too) and several pole pitches. The position information is output in RS-422 or Push Pull quadrature signals. It is also available in the housed version IKS11. Ideal for automation, instrumentation, and motion control applications, the IKS11 is preferred for its versatility and precision.
The AKP18 absolute encoder offers a PCB sensing head and fits well even into the most constricted spaces. It can be paired with linear and rotary scales having either radial or axial alignment/scanning. The resolution is up to 20 bits and can be read via SSI or BiSS C-mode interfaces.