Mobile Thermal Imagers

Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications

  • Mobile Thermal Imagers
    Mobile Thermal Imagers

PCE Instruments' mobile thermal imaging cameras are designed for machinery and technical equipment as well as for quick and non-destructive inspections of buildings. Regardless of the season, they can be used to find thermal bridges, possible moisture penetration in building components or to locate supply lines and building components in the wall or ceiling structure. The measurement takes only a few seconds and the thermal imager allows direct measurements in hard-to-reach areas.

Simplified distribution of the areas of interest on the thermal image

The higher the thermal resolution and the number of pixels of the infrared image, the more detailed the temperature differences can be on the screen. If the infrared images are not informative enough, the measurement can be repeated as often as desired at the same location, for example after a natural or forced temperature change due to cooling or heating. In addition to the infrared camera, PCE's mobile thermal cameras are also equipped with a regular camera. This makes it possible to superimpose the ordinary and infrared images on several levels, thus simplifying the distribution of the areas of interest on the thermal image, especially for images of components with additional recorded elements.

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