Mobile Video Controller

Fanless and with a robust casing, this mobile video controller records and evaluates video signal

  • Acceed presents its mobile video controller Nuvo-5608VR
    Acceed presents its mobile video controller Nuvo-5608VR

Acceed presents its mobile video controller Nuvo-5608VR, which is designed for recording and evaluating video signal streaming, in real time. This controller is fanless and it is provided with a robust casing, in order to be vibration-free and to stay in direct connection to vehicles’ batteries.

Mobile video controller with connection to eight PoE cameras and memory capacity of up to 24 TB

The controller provides the option to connect up to eight PoE cameras. Various processors from the i7 to the i3 can be selected. Two locations for internal 3.5”-HDD hard drives with RAID-0/1 support provide memory capacity of up to 24 TB. According to the manufacturer’s specifications, this enables the storage of H.264 quality video images for up to three months before overwriting them. The specialized heat dissipation ensures the appropriate operating temperature for the hard drives. The patented damper plate protects the system against vibrations under harsh conditions of use.

Mobile video controller with eight USB interfaces and four different mini PCIs slots

The eight gigabit ports are designed ensure both a high bandwidth and simultaneously a power supply for the connected cameras without the additional installation of power supplies and cables. If needed, the PoE function can be deactivated individually for each port. Eight USB interfaces, four of which are USB 3.0, are available for fast connection to peripheral devices. Four different mini PCIe slots with internal SIM sockets can be used for individual functional extensions. Further interfaces (2 x RS-232/422/485, 1 x RS-232, respectively 4 insulated digital inputs and outputs, 1 CAN bus port) as well as connections for audio and graphics (1 x stacked VGA + DVI-D, 2 x DisplayPort with 4K2K resolution) round off the equipment.

Mobile video controller with supply voltage within 8 and 35 VDC

With its features, the Nuvo-5608VR combines top computer performance and high bandwidth with features that are designed to process video data in real time without compromise, as well as high reliability of all components and an equally compact and robust chassis with the dimensions 240 x 225 x 98mm. The casing with its extensive cooling chamber enables fanless operation at an ambient temperature range from -25 to +70°C when an SSD is used via the mSATA connection or from -10 to +60°C with installed HDD hard drives. Its supply voltage can be within the range of 8 to 35 VDC. This equips the Nuvo-5608VR equally for stationary operation and for applications in vehicles.