Modular Form Factors Build Good Growth

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Annual revenues reaching over $270 million in 2014

Modular Form Factors Build Good Growth
Modular Form Factors Build Good Growth

A new report from IMS Research, analysing the world market for embedded computer boards and modules, expects modular form factors, such as COM Express, to grow strongly over the next few years.  
World COM Express revenue growth is forecast at over 20% year-on-year, with annual revenues reaching over $270 million in 2014; unit shipments of over 790,000 are projected.   
The COM Express standard offers the advantage that application development, and therefore time to market, is quicker than with most other standards, board customisation is easy and inexpensive (even for low volumes), and product lifecycle costs are lower.  The modular format of the COM Express standard and its compatibility with emerging ultra-small form factors, such as nanoETXexpress, will continue to drive adoption.

Posted on October 22, 2010 - (12294 views)
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