Multi-axis Motion Controller

Engineered for automated tile manufacturing equipment

  • Multi-axis Motion Controller
    Multi-axis Motion Controller

Delta Electronics DVP50MC series motion controller is capable of controlling up to 24 axes in one millisecond. This solution supports both single-axis motion instructions, such as velocity, torque, and position, as well as multi-axis instructions, such as electronic cam (E-CAM) and gear. G code can also be used. On the connectivity side, CANopen, RS-232, and RS-485 are available in addition to EtherCAT for the motion control and an Ethernet port. Other signals can be wired to the 16 high-speed inputs, while eight high-speed outputs provide additional control options. The DVP50MC also supports an SSI absolute encoder and two incremental encoders to provide servo position feedback.

Designed for applications such as High-speed Cutting Machine, Digital Board Cutting Machine, CNC Lathe

The multi-axis airless station only requires three axes for its three independent translators. To implement this, three ASDA-A2-E series servo drives with STO safety function were coupled with three 180 mm, 3 kW ECMA series servo motors featuring integrated encoders. The servo drives link back to the motion controller via EtherCAT. By combining these two components, the team benefitted from precise control provided by the 1 kHz frequency response and 1 ms settling time. This provided superlative vibration suppression for accurate material application during tile processing. A further benefit of these servo drives for this design was the support for up to 720 electronic cam (E-CAM) points in the ASDA-A2-E.

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