Natural Language Processing Features Enhance NI Labview

Emerson continues to invest in AI tools for advanced NI test & measurement products

  • June 3, 2024
  • Ritu Favre, group president of Emerson’s Test and Measurement business @ NI Connect
    Ritu Favre, group president of Emerson’s Test and Measurement business @ NI Connect

Emerson’s Test and Measurement business, formerly NI, reaffirmes its commitment to its comprehensive test approach and unveils significant updates to its core software products, including NI LabVIEW™ and shares its vision for intelligent test strategies. 
At NI Connect 2024, a conference for customers, partners, and industry leaders, Emerson showcased the latest advancements in NI hardware and software that improve the efficiency of engineers so they can spend more time on root cause analysis and collaboration across their organisation.

“Our software-centric, modular hardware approach to test is our unique value proposition and a differentiator for our customers,” said Ritu Favre, group president of Emerson’s Test and Measurement business. "We are excited to share our vision for harnessing the power of AI in test and measurement and to continue our commitment to innovate on our industry-leading NI products. Through our innovative, secure and expert-led approach, we will revolutionize intelligent test across the industry."

Emerson is committed to providing robust support for R&D efforts in core NI-branded products such as LabVIEW and TestStand™, and to building a comprehensive, connected workflow with complementary products within the NI LabVIEW+™ suite to maintain the drumbeat of continuous improvement in the NI technology and software roadmap. New NI product advancements introduced at NI Connect include:

The latest iteration of NI LabVIEW focuses on collaborative engineering workflows, integrating new features such as enhancements in diff and merge functions, version management and support for calling .NET Core Assemblies (.NET 8). 

NI experts demonstrated how AI could be leveraged within development tools such as LabVIEW to increase user productivity. Capabilities include automating code description and documentation – a must-have feature for the common use case of an engineer inheriting code with unclear operation. In addition, the NI team is trialing AI technology with LabVIEW and collecting registrations for a broader program to launch soon. 

LabVIEW “Community Edition” free for students

Expanding on these investments, the company announced that NI LabVIEW Community Edition, originally introduced in 2019, is now free for students. Parts of NI LabVIEW, starting with Icon Editor, will also become open source to drive greater community collaboration.

NI PXI Hardware news

Emerson continues to strengthen its NI PXI hardware portfolio, incorporating recent additions such as the NI PXIe-5633 Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) add-on module, the PXIe-6571 Digital Pattern Instrument and family of new controllers built on 11th generation Intel Core processors. These efforts underscore Emerson’s commitment to enhancing its catalogue of solutions, like the NI Semiconductor Test System (STS), which is celebrating its 10th anniversary.