New Bottom Bracket Bearings For Cycles

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New Bottom Bracket Bearings For Cycles
New Bottom Bracket Bearings For Cycles

A new, compact bottom bracket for city and touring bicycles has been developed, which provides smoother running and ensures that the rider uses significantly less energy to reach their destination.  

The bottom bracket is the main bearing position on a bicycle. Schaeffler’s new BB29 FAG bottom bracket unit provides smooth operation due to its optimised bearing design. Unlike conventional bottom brackets, the bearings do not need to be braced in the frame.  

The shaft of the BB29 unit is coated with a special corrosion protection agent, which provides corrosion resistance in salt-spray tests of more than 200 hours. Conventional bottom brackets are normally zinc-plated, offering only limited corrosion protection.  

In addition, the two ball bearings on the BB29 are sealed on both sides and lubricated for life. This ensures maximum reliability and zero maintenance for the entire service life of the bearings.
The glass fibre reinforced plastic housing and dual-fix design ensure easier installation with available tools. The profile of the housing is suitable for holding both FAG tools (external) and Shimano tools (internal). The much reduced diameter in the centre of the bearing unit creates sufficient space for inserting cables for lights or other electrical connections on the cycle.  

The BB29 bottom bracket is available for axle lengths of 119mm, 122.5mm and 127mm, as pre-mounted compact inner bearings with two hexagonal bolts: a TC version on the left housing with a flange on the frame, and as a TO version with open left housing without a flange.  

Classic design for extreme loads
The BB29 complements Schaeffler’s previous BBL66 bottom bracket range, a classic amongst bottom brackets. With its high-precision and high load capacity components, it offers smooth operation and a long rating life even under maximum loads. The BBL66 is good for load-carrying and freight cycles and has been the preferred bottom bracket in bicycles used by the German postal service.  

Smooth operation
For high performance applications in premium racing bicycles, Schaeffler offers special, high-tech bottom brackets. The FAG Cronitect hybrid rolling bearing has been a popular product for several years now. The combination of Cronitect  heavy duty steel for the bearing rings, ceramic rolling elements, improved ball raceway geometry and a new low friction seal design, all work together to provide important technical advantages, including smoother operation and much improved reliability.  

Campagnolo, an Italian brand of racing bike components, uses Schaeffler’s innovative FAG Cronitect hybrid rolling bearings in its Super Record range of premium racing bikes, under the brand name CULTTM (Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology). Since 2009, this innovative bearing technology has also provided inline skaters with more dynamic power and smoother operation, resulting in a more enjoyable skating experience.

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