Nord Drivesystems With Gross Sales Record High

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337 million Euros in 2010

Nord Drivesystems With Gross Sales Record High
Nord Drivesystems With Gross Sales Record High

According to preliminary figures, Nord Drivesystems has concluded the fiscal year 2010 with gross sales exceeding 337 million Euros, a record sum. After just one year of decreased sales during the global financial and economic crisis, the company is already back on track for success. The goal of surpassing the latest sales record (2008: 330 million Euros), which was set early on during the crisis, has been reached much earlier than expected. “We are back where we belong: on course for continued growth. First and foremost, this development is due to the fact that we increased global sales activities throughout 2009 despite the crisis. Another positive factor are our in-house process optimizations which were implemented in 2008 and 2009. Our manufacturing facilities, which had been very productive before, are more highly efficient than ever, and we have also increased our production capacity. Thanks to that, we were able to fully satisfy the considerably increased demand in 2010”, concludes Jutta Humbert, Managing Director at Nord.
The company anticipates a continued upturn in the field of intelligent drive electronics: due to several innovations that have been introduced lately or will be presented shortly, this portfolio segment offers users increasing flexibility and attracts considerable interest.

Posted on February 28, 2011 - (11949 views)
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