Novel Photoanode Structure

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templated from butterfly wing scales

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Novel Photoanode Structure
Novel Photoanode Structure

The butterfly wing scales templating procedure is a facile and economic design for the synthesis of hierarchically periodic microstructure titania photoanode without the need for complicated experimental conditions or equipments, such as photo lithography adopted. The quasi honey-comb structure titania replica photoanode has a perfect light absorptivity and higher surface area, which give great advantages to the light harvesting efficiency and dye sorption. This structure gives the butterfly ultrablackness wings, so it is convincing that we could obtain potential ultra-absorptivity photoanode adopting the quasi-honeycomb structure.

The successfully synthesized butterfly wing microstructure titania photoanode we obtained not only gives us new ideas to DSC researches in technology and theory but also opens a short cut to the photothermal, photocatalyzed, and photosensitized devices research. Also, the fabrication method may be applied to other chitin substrate template and metal oxide systems that could eventually lead to the production of optical, magnetic or electric devices or components as building blocks for nanoelectronic, magnetic, or photonic integrated systems.

Authors: Wang Zhang, Di Zhang, Tongxiang Fan, Jiajun Gu, Jian Ding, Hao Wang, Qixin Guo, and Hiroshi Ogawa, State Key Laboratory of Metal matrix Composites, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

For the complete scientific paper, please click on the PDF below.

Posted on October 1, 2009 - (179074 views)
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
School of Materials Science & Engingeering 800 DongChuan Road
200240 Shanghai - China (prc)
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