Online-configurable Lightweight Grippers

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Optimize the configuration and manufacture of suction pads for individual handling tasks

Automation, Industrial Equipment & Supplies

Online-configurable Lightweight Grippers
Online-configurable Lightweight Grippers
Online-configurable Lightweight Grippers
Online-configurable Lightweight Grippers

The lightweight grippers from J. Schmalz are suitable for a broad range of handling tasks. Among this product family, the lightweight gripper SLG fits the use for cobots and lightweight robots and enables the users to quickly design and configure their own individual systems online without any prior knowledge. These grippers can hold loads of up to ten kilograms. Schmalz’s digital platform works alongside with the software company trinckle 3D that offers its expertise in cloud technology as well as its know-how around automated construction and configuration.

An intuitive engineering tool to help users to focus solely on finding the solution for their own tasks

First, the users define the handling task. They can choose among predefined workpieces to upload their own object, regardless of whether it is cubic, rectangular, or a free form surface, and then they can start the configuration of the appropriate gripper. The users are helped through the design steps by an intuitive tool that helps choose the number of suction cups and their diameter and type. The intelligent software positions the suction cups, or the users can determine their position and the angle of the suction points themselves. Last, the users select the appropriate flange insert and the vacuum generation required. Once every parameters and components are defined, the users receive a CAD model and the quotation for their gripper solution.

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